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The classic Hasbro game of Battleship comes to the PC. Choose one of 2 ways to play: Arcade Adventure or Classic hit-and-miss style. (on three different grid sizes) Command your own battleship and sink enemy envoys. Free captured ports and attack gun emplacements in an effort to topple a renegade empire.


Battleship: Surface Thunder™ is now a fast-action, 3-D naval adventure. Now you can take command of your own battleship and sink enemy convoys, attack shore gun emplacements and free captured ports in an all-out effort to defeat a renegade empire. Fans of the original Battleship™ game can also choose to play the classic hit-and-miss style game on three different grid sizes. Both modes feature fantastic graphics, animations and sounds. Batten down the hatches and get ready for naval combat action at its best. Play classic Battleship or take on more than 20 action-packed arcade missions and blow away enemy ports, explore cool 3-D worlds and avoid hostile fire

Hardware Requirements

Operating System: Windows 95/98
Processor: Pentium 166 MHz
Memory: 32 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 75 MB hard-disk space
Video: 4 MB DirectX-compliant video card
Sound: DirectX-compliant sound card
Direct X®: DirectX 7.

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General/Summary: I was a big Battleship fan since the Milton Bradley board game came...

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