Battlefield Vietnam Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Battlefield Vietnam Reviews

website score publish date 9.3/10 Dec 19 '04
GamePro 14.5/15 Apr 09 '04
GamePro Australia 8/10 Apr 14 '04
Thunderbolt 9/10 Mar 30 '04
Actiontrip 83/100 Mar 16 '04
Game Revolution B+ Mar 26 '04
GameAxis 8.9/10 Mar 16 '04
Gamer's Hell 8.7/10 Mar 17 '04
Gamers Depot 4.5/5 Mar 16 '04
Games Radar UK 82/100 Mar 09 '04
Gamespot 8.5/10 Mar 16 '04
Gamespy 4/5 Mar 15 '04
Gaming Nexus 6.5/10 Mar 18 '04
IGN PC 8.2/10 Mar 16 '04
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Battlefield Vietnam Previews

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Actiontrip on Mar 17 '04

"Battlefield: Vietnam will provide a nice change of pace for the BF1942 fanatics, and it's certainly hella fun in multiplayer (that goes without saying), but it will also receive flak from some for..."

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Game Revolution on Mar 30 '04

"The latest in EA's Battlefield series serves up enormous first-person firefights that capture the grit, gore and glory of the 20th century's most controversial war. It's good fun...but haven't we..."

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GameAxis on Mar 17 '04

"How little should they tweak it so fans would not think Battlefield Vietnam was just another BF1942 mod or expansion pack?"

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Gamer's Hell on Mar 17 '04

"It’s a game that can be frustrating when you’re being slaughtered, but a whole lot of fun when you’re blasting away strangers with your friends on your team."

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Gamespot on Mar 17 '04

"Battlefield Vietnam packs more dramatic moments in its gameplay than most any multiplayer-focused action game in the past few years."

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