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Wartime Command captures both the tactics and the emotions of being a commander in WWII's key battles. Designed to take players closer to the entire, gruelling war experience than any strategy game previously launched. Over 100 missions sees the player in command of troops and units through historic WWII battles, played out on authentically represented battlefields and other locations, from the European theatre of World War II. The game's key attraction is the realistic and personally intense detail in which the game portrays the 6-year war. "Wartime Command" accurately recreate hundreds of British, American, German, French, Soviet and other troops and units, complete with appropriate uniforms and weaponry


As a Commander the game gives the player hands-on control of troops and units. Battle command tactics involve assault, reconnaissance, covert operations, rescues, city skirmishes, ambushes and sabotage.

Although grand in scope, game play delivers an intense personal wartime experience as players take responsibility for their men in the battlefield. As a commander of a band of soldiers, each with their own skills, abilities, identities and personalities, players are able to zoom down to the battlefield and identify what individual soldiers are thinking and feeling.

This level of detail creates a strong personal attachment for the player to his men, ensuring the game delivers a more emotionally charged and rewarding experience. Through good command, soldiers will develop fighting and other attributes and skills over campaigns


  • Single and multiplayer options include allied or axis missions
  • Missions based on historical events and set in real locations.
  • Locations are re-constructed using precise maps, aerial and period photography.
  • Authentic uniforms & accurately recreated weapons, vehicles, planes and equipment
  • Fight with Allied or Axis armies from Britain, America, Germany, France and Russia
  • Specialist multiplayer modes all of which are fully customisabl

Editor's Note:

Previously titled "Battlefield Command".

Added on: August 08, 2003

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