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In Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII, you control the most bizarre and lethal top-secret weapons of the Second World War. Straight from Allied and Axis laboratories, many of these weapons never saw combat until now! Defeat your enemies with a variety of experimental firepower, including the Wasserfall Guided Rocket, the Natter Rocket Plane, and the revolutionary Rocket Pack. Here's your chance to take the experiments out of the lab and into combat.


  • Horton HO 229 "Flying Wing"
  • Sherman tank with a T-34 Calliope rocket launcher
  • T95/T28 Super Heavy Tank
  • The Sturmtiger -- featuring a naval gun mounted atop a Tiger tank
  • The American AW-52 advanced fighter
  • The Wasserfall guided anti-air missile
  • The Natter rocket plane
  • Top secret German prototype Rocket Pack -- fly and fight at the same time
  • Seven new weapons include throwable one-shot-kill knives, the Bren light machine gun, the Auto 5 shotgun, and the Mauser K98 grenade rifle
  • Eight new World War II campaigns, including combat missions at a V2 research facility and Hitler's hideaway, The Eagle's Nest
  • All-new locations offer unique Battlefield experiences, ranging from nightfall in Prague to a winter battle in Norway
  • New objective-based mode -- players must accomplish specific objectives, such as destroying a secret weapons facility, in order to win the battle
  • Introducing British Commando and German Elite troops

Hardware Requirements

System: 500MHz or equivalent
Hard Drive Space: 500 MB
Mouse: Yes
Sound Board: Yes
DirectX: DirectX v8.1

Recommended System Requirements
3D Sound Card: Yes

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Great extra pack:) Battlefield1942SecretWeaponsOfWWII PC
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a nice expansion though some weapons are too fast or impossible. Battlefield1942SecretWeaponsOfWWII PC
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It's a world war 2 game. Not sure why I bought it Battlefield1942SecretWeaponsOfWWII PC
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If you are a big WWII fan then you are defently going to love this game. The gameplay...

Oct 19, 03 5:41am

This is a great game with many new features for fans of the Battlefield:1942 series....

Oct 12, 03 4:14am
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