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Warlords Battlecry II is a sequel to the popular & award-winning Warlords Battlecry by SSG. It is a Fantasy Real-Time Strategy game, where you build a hero - your main character - from battle to battle, gaining new skills, spells and levels, and ultimately becoming the mightiest force in the Realms of Etheria!


  • New single player campaign that's open-ended, dynamic and non-linear.
  • New strategic level map.
  • 12 different sides with their own units and playing styles.
  • Over 100 spells spread over 11 spheres of magic with new magical effects.
  • Random Map generator for unlimited replay value.
  • Map Editor to create your own battles.
  • Persistent hero development with 12 different hero races, 20 different hero classes.
  • Up to 12 types of multiplayer games available with in game matching service.
  • New arctic and desert terrain with new buildings such as celestial and dragon temples.
  • Over 130 different units.
  • Customizable side and unit AI.
  • Auto Spell-casting for more intelligent and automatic offensive and defensive spells.

Hardware Requirements

Windows® 95/98/Me/XP Pentium® II 350 or AMD® K6-3 300 (Pentium III 450 or AMD K6-3 400 recommended) 64 MB RAM (128MB Recommended) 8 MB video card (DirectX 8 compatible) DirectX 8.0a (included on Disc) 56K Modem for internet play (DSL or cable modem recommended)

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TheMIBJC69 and 3 others own Warlords: Battlecry II
Oct 13, 11 2:25pm
Like it. But hard to go ahead after conquering a other country. WarlordsBattlecry2 PC
Rainbow Gal
Sep 08, 07 3:14am
added a cheat
Section 9
Apr 13, 02 1:05am

Warlords Battlecry 2, is the sequel to the first game that effectively combined a rpg...

Mar 19, 02 12:43pm

very diverse rts in terms of different races you can play.
its fun in that the story...

Oct 06, 01 12:57am
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