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Re-visit the Battlecruiser universe, but this time not just as a starship captain, with Battlecruiser Millenium. You not only have the choice to side with GALCOM, but with their enemies now as well. Choose whatever race and role you'd like to play as in this universe. There's 100+ controllable space, ground and air units. Fly to new planets if you like. New graphics and multiplayer engines are implemented.

Hardware Requirements

Pentium II 300 MHz or AMD K6-2 350 MHz
Windows 98/ME/2000/
irectX 8.0
16 MB DirectX-compliant 3D graphics card
16-bit DirectX-compliant sound card
8x CD-ROM drive,
500 MB hard-disk space

Pentium III 500 MHz,
128 MB RAM,
32 MB DirectX-compliant 3D graphics card
DirectX-compliant joystick

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Electronics Boutique and 3000AD have announced yesterday that their third title in the Battlecruiser space sim... posted Sep 26, 01 7:27pm

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