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It's been nearly one year since Prick Peckard, head of the Robot Crime Division in Evansville, hunt down a running-away robot in The Armageddon Eclair. After proven that he could drive an Autodyne in The Ejection Rejection, he's standing at a fire range, with Debbie Sauer, the range instructor, a beautiful woman, in which Prick is interested. He's there for an evaluation of his shooting skills. Will Prick prove that he's skilled enough to manipulate fireguns?

Game Play

This shooting game contains three levels, where you have to shoot targets. If you fail, you can restart the test by pressing the buttons next to Prick but you can also speak to Debbie or look around. The first level consists in shooting three targets. The second is about shooting five moving targets. When you have shot three of them, you'll need to reload as your gun can fire only three bullets at the time. For reloading, click on the button "RELOAD" at the top of the screen. The last range will be about shooting eight red targets while avoiding to fire to the green one, symbolizing a civilian. When you've done with a level, the red light will turn to green. Click on "CLICK HERE TO EXIT THE RANGE" for returning to the range booth with Debbie.


Hardware Info

  • Win 95/98, 2000, ME, or XP
  • 64 MB of Ram
  • DirectX compliant sound and video cards
  • 500 MHz Processor
  • 4 MB Hard Drive Space

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