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Welcome to Barbie Team Gymnastics! Barbie and her friends are learning gymnastics, and they could use your help! With Kira as their coach, Barbie, Christie and Teresa plan to perfect their routines on four different exercises and win the trophy at the Nationals! Are you ready to help them go for the gold? Choose one, two or all three girls, and help each gymnast create her routine on each of the four gymnastic apparatus!


To get to the Nationals, you'll have to work your way up through the smaller competitions (Local, Sectional, and Regional), where you'll learn new moves and create new routines to earn higher scores.

Kira will start you out with routines for all the apparatus. You'll be able to get through most of the competitions using these routines, but to win the National Competition, you'll have to create more challenging routines. When you think you've practiced your routines enough, it's time to compete! You'll win gold, silver or bronze medals based on your performance. Win high marks and you'll automatically advance to the next level of competition and earn new outfits for the team!

Continue to practice and compete until you win the highest honor—the trophy at the Nationals! Compete as much as you want, making cool new routines that earn you high scores.
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