: : : : : Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn


Revisit the Forgotten realms, to a place known as Amn, where you'll find adventure, magic, new monsters, spells, and weapons. This journey begins at the end of the first title and allows players of the original to keep their experience.


  • An epic continuation of the plot that was started in Baldur's Gate
  • Over 300 spells like: time stop, finger of death, chain lightning, and more
  • Over 100 subplots in the game, some taking "real-time" days to complete
  • Play as different character races such as: human, elf, half-elf, dwarf, gnome, halfling and half-orc
  • Choose weapon styles including one-handed weapon, two-handed weapon, weapon and shield, brawling, and two-weapon

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 200
Windows 95 or 98
2 MB video card

Official URL

Official Site
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