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This game was released for Windows 98 (maybe 95, not sure). It is a product of Tibo Software.

Works for Windows 98/XP/Vista.
(I have tested this game with Vista and it works.)

This is a first-person view shooter game. There are a total of 25 levels. You go through each level and defeat the characters, making your way to the exit. There are 5 different characters through out the game.


This game can be played by Joystick, Keyboard or Mouse.

Keyboard: Move (Arrow Keys), Shoot (Ctrl), Open Door(s) (Space Bar.
Mouse: Move (Move Mouse), Shoot (Right Click), Open Door(s) (Left Click).

I recommend using the mouse for this game, alot easier and better to navigate.


Weapons: Handgun, Shotgun, Bazooka

Hardware Requirements

~ Windows 95/98/NT4/Me/2000/XP/Vista
~ 386 Processor
~ 3.5 Megabytes HDD Space
~ Sound card and mouse recommended

Official URL

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