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Backyard Wrestling is a game where amatuer wrestlers battle it out in different backyard arenas. You can use various weapons like bats with barbed-wire, chairs, trash-cans, and even flaming tables. This game will feature male and female wrestlers.


The open ended combat game that allows you to brutalize your opponents in multi-tiered environments with grappling, throws, weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and a myriad of aerial assaults.


  • Dozen of weapons to use on your opponent including barbed wire, thumbtacks, light bulbs, stop signs, car doors, tables, etc.
  • Innovative damage model system allows the characters to get cuts, bruises, and gashes all over their bodies.
  • Fully interactive and destructible environments let you re-arrange more than your opponent's face.
  • Kickin' soundtrack featuring Insane Clown Posse, Sum 41, Andrew WK, American Hi Fi, Stone Sour, Slayer, Twiztid, Murderdolls, Junkie XL, Chimaira, Roni Size, Ming and FS, and more.

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