: : : : : B-17 Flying Fortress 2


Microprose's original B-17 Flying Fortress comes back to life seven years later to shown off a great looking sequel with the element os strategy tacted on to the simulation of a bomber run in WWII.


  • WWII bomber simulation

  • Control any position in the classic B-17

  • Multiplayer mode allows players to control different positions in the same aircraft

  • 25-mission tour of duty

  • Focuses on the United States 8th Air Force, or "The Mighty Eighth"

Hardware Requirements

Intel Pentium II 300MHz or faster (or 100% compatible: Celeron 300 or AMD K6-2 400)
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or Me
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
8 MB VRAM (16 MB recommended)
700 MB hard disk space
8x CD-ROM drive
Video cards: 3dfx Voodoo2 or higher, Matrox G200 or higher, Nvidia TNT or higher, ATI Rage 128 or higher, S3 Savage 4, 3D Labs Permedia2 or higher
DirectX compatible sound card
DirectX 7 (supplied on disk)
DirectX compatible joystick
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Jul 08, 01 6:03pm

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Oh ! one thing!...it plays great on a 900Mhz...

Dec 26, 00 12:26am

Overall an excellent game for anyone. Though little kiddies might experience great...

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