Since the magic Auryn has disappeared, Fantasia threatens to be consumed by The Nothing - a force so powerful, it levels and destroys all in it's path. Assume the role of Atreyu, a hero on a quest to save the world of Fantasia from destruction. Enter six graphically beautiful and richly detailed surrealistic worlds with various puzzles and thrilling arcade sequences, the degrees of difficulty increasing with each task accomplished.


  • Inspired by Michael Ende´s novel "The Neverending Story."
  • An exciting arcade-style action adventure game in 1st person perspective.
  • 3D real-time technology allows the player total navigational freedom. • A variety of puzzles set in different fantasy environments.
  • Stunningly beautiful environments immerse the player into fantastic and surrealistic worlds.

Hardware Requirements

PentiumR II 450 MHz (Pentium® III 700 MHz Recommended)
128 MB RAM (256 MB Recommended)
32 MB DirectXR 8.0 Compatible 3D Video Card
700 MB Free Hard Disk Space (1GB Recommended)
12x CD-ROM Drive

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You can't change the controls WASD, spacebar to jump. You can't save a game whenever...

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Mainly this game is a run around and find the gold, glowing balls. You find 10 per...

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