: : : : : Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer


The United States is stricken by a series of mysterious, brutal murders. A seemingly similar death is discovered across the ocean in Paris, France. The killer seems to have a special trademark: the body is always accompanied by a mysterious doll dressed in 17th century clothing. Young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet must undertake a journey through two continents - from France and Spain to the exotic Cuba. The investigation may lead her to surprising discoveries that date back centuries ago.


  • Intriguing plot with unexpected twists.
  • Highly-detailed locations created by the best of graphic designers.
  • Complex, three-dimensional characters.
  • An immersive dark mood created by a skilful combination of plot, graphics, music written specially for the game and realistic sound effects.
  • Journey through the dark corners of New Orleans, alleys and backstreets of Paris and Marseille, the Spanish Pyrenees and hot Havana.
  • Use the point & click interface to uncover the secrets behind the killings. Examine clues and link the facts to find the answers.

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