Art of Murder: FBI Confidential Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 5.9/10

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Art of Murder: FBI Confidential Reviews

website score publish date
Adventure Classic Gaming 3/5 Jun 20 '08
EuroGamer 4/10 Aug 04 '08
Game Boomers B- Jun 08 '08
GamerNode 8.0/10 Jun 23 '08
Gamezebo 3.5/5 Oct 29 '08
GameZone 6.0/10 Sep 02 '08
Gaming Nexus D+ Aug 12 '08
IGN PC 4.5/10 Jul 30 '08
Just Adventure + C+ Mar 25 '08
Mystery Manor  --- Jul 07 '08
Worthplaying 4.8/10 Sep 05 '08
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Art of Murder: FBI Confidential Previews

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Adventure Classic Gaming on Aug 08 '08

"Overall, Art of Murder: FBI Confidential is an aptly entertaining game. While the game encompasses elements of a murder investigation that is in style of CSI, in actuality it plays more like a pulp..."

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GamerNode on Aug 08 '08

"A great "who-done-it" mystery game with huge elements of puzzle solving. If you're into this sort of genre, you'll be pretty happy with the title. But for those who hate to tough it out on puzzles,..."

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Gaming Nexus on Aug 20 '08

"Art of Murder paints itself into a corner with the same old brushes we've seen misused time and time again. And not until the closing chapters does the mystery grow in heft and momentum. The..."

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IGN PC on Aug 08 '08

"Art of Murder's only real appeal is that you won't get stuck on puzzles involving ludicrous logic. Everything is pretty straightforward, with small areas to explore, a strictly linear progression,..."

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