After a horrific car accident, Michael Travinsky is transported to an unknown world. A journey full of adventure awaits him, and before he is done, he will be a greatly changed person...


  • Thrilling and atmospheric plot, set between science fiction and fantasy, creating a unique world that offers the player unusual conflicts and characters.
  • Player character development is dependent on the players decisions: one of two character classes can be chosen, offering different abilities and advantages.
  • Three main chapters, divided into several sub quests and dozens of locations, combine real locations with never seen before landscapes and fascinating architecture.
  • Computer controlled characters get to life. The AI system is not behaving passive, but is reacting on the players actions and is a vital part of the plot.
  • The best elements of RPG's - character development, exploration, "thinking" NPC's and Monsters - meet the best elements of action games
  • Epic story with hundreds of audio samples, completely localized.

Hardware Requirements

-Win 9x/ME/2000/XP
-PIII - 600 MHz
-128 MB RAM
-Dx-compatible with 16 MB and Hardware 3D
-ca. 500 MB HD
-20x CD-R
-Soundblaster compatible
-PS/2 Maus
-Multiplayer (LAN, Internet etc.)
-56.6 KBAUD Modem or 10MBIT Lan
-ISDN, T-DSL or 100MBit Lan


-Win 9x/ME/2000/XP
-PIV - 1 GHz
-256 MB RAM
-Dx-compatible with 32 MB and Hardware 3D
-ca. 700 MB HD
-20x CD-R
-Soundblaster compatible
-PS/2 Maus
-Multiplayer (LAN, Internet etc.)
-56.6 KBAUD Modem or 10MBIT Lan
-ISDN, T-DSL or 100MBit Lan

Official URL

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quests are not easy to solve (playing @ easy mode), maybe i'm to dumb ? or i dont pay...

Vancouver, WA (September 30, 2002) JoWooD Productions is pleased to announce the launch of Archangel. This gripping... posted Sep 30, 02 10:41pm

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