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Average Review Score: 4.5/10

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Arcatera Reviews

website score publish date
Actiontrip 50% Sep 15 '00
EuroGamer 5/10 Sep 08 '00
Game-Guru 2/5 Oct 16 '00
Gamespot 4/10 Aug 10 '00
Just Adventure + D Sep 26 '00
PlayNOW! 4/10 Aug 23 '00
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Arcatera Previews

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IGN PC May 08 '00
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Actiontrip on Sep 17 '00

"Arcatera offers nine different endings to the game. This certainly increases the replay value, and should appeal to the hardened P&C adventure fans. The game's non-linearity will make the coherence..."

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EuroGamer on Sep 08 '00

"It's a shame, but I think Arcatera just tries too hard to be different, to the point of being confusing to play. Although the idea of a developing storyline is appealing in an age when storylines..."

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IGN PC on May 09 '00

"Arcatera was originally designed as a classic RPG game with a few action elements, but Westka implanted the adventure elements in one of the later stages of development. The Story is non-linear and..."

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Just Adventure + on Sep 27 '00

" looks great!... You can choose as your primary character to be an Adventurer, a Thief, a Monk, or a Magician... gain experience points by uncovering bits of the mystery through conversation..."

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