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Average Review Score: 4.3/10

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Apocalyptica Reviews

website score publish date
ComputerGames.ro 69/100 Nov 17 '03
EuroGamer 3/10 Nov 24 '03
Gamespot 3.1/10 Jun 02 '04
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Apocalyptica Previews

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MegaGames Jun 08 '03
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ComputerGames.ro on Jan 02 '04

"The game atmosphere is an interesting mix of Sci-fi and religious themes, despite the ordinary and totally unconvincing storyline."

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EuroGamer on Nov 24 '03

"...as a game Apocalyptica's lazy design and sheer lack of imagination is more than enough to ruin any chance it had of developing the relatively interesting premise."

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Gamespot on Jun 03 '04

"Apocalyptica is terrible from top to bottom, suffering from bland, derivative gameplay, simplistic level design, brain-dead AI, and a buggy graphics engine that chugs even at low resolution."

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