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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings spans 1,000 years, from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages, in which players control the destiny of one of thirteen civilizations. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion will challenge veterans and novices to wage war on an epic scale with all-new civilizations, unique units and technologies, and campaigns based on infamous conquerors such as Attila the Hun, El Cid and Montezuma.


You take control of a civilisation during missions. Each of them has different features: some can access a particular technology the others can't. You control civilians that will build, hunt, fish, cut wood, bring gold/stone, etc.. You can also order to buildings to produce a specific unity. Also, you will have to build an army for defending and conquering your enemy. You can also make trade with your allies without forgetting that you can also explore the seas with boats. Your goal is to win but for doing it, you will have to advance in age. You have four ages and each one bring new buildings, new technologies (you'll have to develop them for improving your civilisation) and new units.


  • Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings and Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors Expansion in one package
  • Gameplay spans 1,000 years
  • Control one of 18 civilizations
  • Conquer or cooperate with up to 8 players
  • Civilizations have unique attributes, buildings, and technologies

Hardware Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 95/98/Me/XP/NT 4.0 with service pack 5
PC with 166 MHz equivalent or higher processor
32 MB of system RAM
200 MB available hard disk space, 100 MB of available hard disk space for swap file
4x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
Super VGA with 2 MB of video memory
Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
56.6 Kbps or better modem for online play

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