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Based on the Dreamworks movie "Antz", the console version is a racing game. It features five unique worlds and stars popular characters such as Z, princess Bala, and General Mandible. Each character has his/her varying vehicle-driving abilities. Races take place in such varied and exotic locations as a forest, city and anthill.


  • Featuring your favorite characters from the hit motion picture Antz: worker ant Z-4195 (better known as Z); the six-legged, but beautiful Princess Bala; loyal friends Azteca and Weaver; military aide Cutter; and the master manipulator Mandible.

  • Start the game with access to Z and Bala, and unlock the others by winning races.

  • Fun, explorative and action-based driving gameplay: big enemies, action scenes and exciting track designs keep you racing for the chequered flag!

  • On each of the tracks, avoid numerous traps and make full use of bonus items to win each race!

  • Variable Antz challenges range from straight racing to slalom and time-based trials.

  • Four unique types of gameplay: driving, running, boarding and flying ensure that racing at 0.5 MPH feels like light speed!

  • Each character has multiple challenges open to them, giving the player a variety of racing conditions and scenarios. Can you find them all?

  • Cutting edge racing engine keeps the action packed full of wonder, immersive quality and amazing visuals–-like the original movie Antz!
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
Baaaaddd..... Antz
Miss Razz
Sep 12, 05 7:18am
Princess Carmipoo
Jun 29, 05 9:28am
A bug life was better. Antz
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