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It's 2018. Strange anomalies -- within them, massive mechanical war machines -- have begun to appear in the world's largest cities. The player's mission begins when the armor squad and its commander cross the borders of a strange Anomaly in Baghdad.

Prepare to be thrown into urban environments overrun by an alien scourge, and take command of an intense tactical combat experience. As the on-field commander, using advanced heavy armor military vehicles to create the perfect squad, plan your
tactical route and fight to destroy the enemy machines


  • Engage in a thrilling combination of action and strategy gaming
  • Think fast and use your hero's special abilities to support the squad during combat
  • Manage your squad's tactics, issue orders, and take control of the action
  • Experience a story-driven campaign mode with various goals and dynamically changing objectives
  • Extend your enjoyment and perfect your tactics in two challenge modes
  • Immerse yourself in the game with great visuals and atmospheric audio

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