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Average Review Score: 7.2/10

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1503 A.D. Reviews

website score publish date
www.gamesradar.msn.co.uk 58% Mar 26 '03
GameZone 7.3/10 Apr 08 '03
EuroGamer 9/10 Mar 31 '03
Gamer's Hell 6.8/10 May 05 '03
Gamespot 7/10 Mar 25 '03
Gamespy 72/100 Apr 16 '03
IGN PC 7.3/10 Apr 09 '03
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1503 A.D. Previews

website publish date
Game Rankings May 26 '01
IGN PC May 24 '00
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EuroGamer on Apr 01 '03

"...Anno 1503 is not perfect, but so many well-implemented features have been crammed in that we can forgive a few minor irritations."

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Gamer's Hell on May 05 '03

"1503 A.D brings something largely new to the younger RTS fans looking for something really unique and different. Old timers will also enjoy the original flavor that comes with this game. To those..."

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Gamespot on Mar 26 '03

"While there is a lot less that's new in 1503 A.D. than you would expect in a sequel released three years after its predecessor, the core gameplay that made the ..."

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Gamespy on Apr 17 '03

"A solid city/empire builder, but lacks the charm of other games of the genre."

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IGN PC on Jun 15 '00

"Several new cultures help round out a healthy slate of features, as Aztecs, Mongols, Aborigines, Bedouins, and countless other types of people will be encountered as you progress through the..."

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