Altitude pits players against one another in high stakes aerial combat in either winner take all or team based battles. Players can connect to a number of servers, pick a plane and perks and then fight it out with like minded opponents.

Game Play

Altitude has 5 game modes available. Free for all is the regular deathmatch where players compete to shoot down as many other planes as possible. Team deathmatch splits players into teams for more of the same thing. Team base destruction gives each side a base and tasks them with trying to destroy the opposing one. Demolition sees one team defending bases as the other tries to plant bombs on them. Finally there is ball mode, where teams grab a ball and try to shoot it into the opponent's goal to score points.

Official URL

Official site.
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Dec 22, 11 9:06am
It's interesting how the free version has so much of the actual game content available. Altitude PC
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This is a pretty interesting game. Altitude PC
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Ah, yet another class based shooter where you make your way around various maps...

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