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Product Wiki Description: As Edward Carnby, private eye detective, players must investigate the disappearance of your friends. The search leads you to a spooky mansion and who knows what you'll find there...
  • Chilling atmosphere and stunning environmental graphics.

  • Battle mysterious shadow creatures with an arsenal of long range weapons.

  • Intensely detailed storyline.

  • Choose from two main characters; Aline and Carnby, and experience unique gameplay as their separate adventures overlap.

  • Radio feature allows you to call...
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Release Date (North America):Jun 26, 2001 submit new
Release Date (Europe):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Japan):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes:Horror submit new
Publisher:Infogrames submit new
Developer:DarkWorks submit new
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Alternate Titles:Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation (Europe)
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