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Meet Jack – he’s having a bad day: the town’s overrun by zombies; he’s being hassled by his ex-girlfriend; he suspects he may be a character in a video game and, worse still, he may not even be the main character. To get through the day and reach sanctuary, he’ll have to make amends with his ex and join forces with a mad scientist and an alien and probably kill a few hundred thousand zombies on the way.

Game Play

All Zombies Must Die! is an Arcade RPG: A fun, twin-stick, frenetic four-player shooter set in a top-down, tongue-in-cheek world, All Zombies Must Die pits the player and their friends against the gaming’s favourite foe: the undead menace. Packed with playful humour and references to the cult genre, the homage takes the team through the town of Deadhill, collecting powerups and blasting non-stop waves of zombies. And it’s got braaaaaains, too; AZMD features light, playful RPG elements allowing player to level up their characters, complete comical sidequests and collect items to craft new weapons.

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