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Alien Swarm Reviews

website score publish date article quality 8/10 Jul 25 '10
Destructoid 7.5/10 Jul 26 '10
Games Radar 6/10 Jul 23 '10
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Alien Swarm Previews

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Strategy Informer Feb 15 '11
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"Undoubtedly one of the biggest recent releases in the PC gaming arena has been this little game. No, it wasn't a Triple-A, hotly anticipated, big budget game. Alien Swarm generated headlines beca..."
" Well, the success of Left 4 Dead was bound to inspire similar works, and that’s precisely was Alien Swarm is. As our more astute readers might have guessed, Alien Swarm delivers exactly what the title promises: Aliens and lots of ‘em. Like our favorite zombie shoot-em-up, this is a 4 player co-op game (sorry, no one gets to play as the aliens…yet) involving an isolated team who must fight through seven levels of alien hell in order to get to the precious chopper… ..."
"It’s a cooperative, top-down shooter in which you and three other people fight off waves of aliens that look like the result of the mutalisks from StarCraft and the headcrabs from Half-Life being cross-bred. It was created by members of Valve. It’s free. Why aren’t you playing this game right now?"
"Alex Donaldson takes a good look at Swarm."