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Alice: Madness Returns Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GameZone 5.5/10 Jun 15 '11
Neoseeker  --- Jun 27 '11
1UP  --- Jun 16 '11
Computer and Video Games /10 Jun 15 '11
Computer and Video Games 6.1/10 Jun 15 '11
GameSpot 7.0/10 Jun 14 '11
Gaming Excellence 9.2/10 Jun 14 '11
Strategy Informer 8.5/10 Jun 22 '11
Strategy Informer 8.5/10 Jun 22 '11
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Alice: Madness Returns Previews

website publish date article rating
Destructoid Mar 08 '11
Destructoid Apr 08 '11
Games Radar Apr 08 '11
Games Radar Mar 08 '11
Games Radar May 13 '11
GameSpot Apr 07 '11
GameSpot May 13 '11
GameSpot Mar 08 '11
Gamespy Apr 13 '11
IGN PC Mar 08 '11
IGN PC Mar 14 '11
Strategy Informer Apr 12 '11
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Quoted from Alice: Madness Returns Reviews:
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"Wonderland has always been near and dear to my heart, probably owing in large part to me sharing the same name as the little girl who fell down that rabbit hole oh so very many years ago. But the story of Alice traveling into her imaginary world is so full of beautiful imagery; it's a rich breeding ground from which to take creative liberties, and Alice: Madness Returns does a good job of twisting the existing material into something new and interesting, yet still instantly recognizable. Alice's movements are smooth and effortless, which makes both platforming and combat feel fluid and easy. Switching between her arsenal of weaponry is seamless, and allows you to chain swipes from her Vorpal blade with hits from her Hobby Horse or a barrage of pepper-bullets from the Grinder without fuss. Her abilities to jump (triple jump, even), twirl, float, and dash (in a burst of butterflies) over obstacles, and to avoid enemy attacks are a treat to make use of while working your way through the expansive levels. Alice is even able to shrink down (drink me!) to either enter small keyholes, or reveal hidden platforms and messages painted on walls that can only been seen while tiny."
"Breathlessly imaginative in everything but gameplay. Only die-hards need to journey down this particular rabbit hole."
"Eleven years ago, American McGee’s Alice saw an accidental fire consume Alice’s home in Victorian London, along with her family. Wracked with survivor’s guilt, Alice attempted t..."
"Alice: Madness Returns picks up eleven years after the original game and we quickly learn that Alice is still not right in the head. Alice still suffers from survivor's guilt after her family w..."
" It's been 11 years since American McGee's Alice last made her way into her dark and twisted version of Wonderland. Since then, she's grown up a bit, moved out of Ruledge Asylum, which held her when she first lost her parents to a mysterious fire and fell into madness, and is now seeing a psychiatrist to deal with her deep emotional trauma. Upon leaving the Asylum, the hallucinations that tormented her through the first game return... ..."