The all-mighty god Aion created a powerful and fierce race named the Balaur; with them, however, came deceit and disloyalty, and so the god proceeded to create a new race, one which was less powerful, but utmost loyal to their great deity – the Daevas. But through great difference of view this new race is further split into two; the Elyos and the Asmodians.

And now, through cataclysmic events and internal strife, all three factions now wage war upon each other. As an aspiring leader among one of these factions you play a vital role within the great war, and the survival of your kind.

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Aion 4.0, the Dark Betrayal expansion, was released more than a year ago and Aion Team... posted Nov 05, 14 9:17am

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Aion going free-to-play was pretty unexpected news, and today, NCsoft confirms a North American launch date.  For... posted Mar 15, 12 10:42am

NCsoft announced yesterday plans to shift Aion to a "Truly Free" business model this spring, and today, NCsoft's... posted Feb 23, 12 12:40pm

Going free-to-play is all the rage in the MMO market now, as the biggest names like EverQuest, World of Warcraft,... posted Feb 21, 12 5:00pm

The Elyos have Inggison and Asmodians call Gelkmaros their home away from home.  Aion: Assault on Balaurea puts... posted Sep 07, 10 7:51pm

What is it with Aion's Asmodians getting the short end of the stick?  In the Assault on Balaurea expansion,... posted Aug 31, 10 7:34pm

Players visiting the Balaur home turf in the Aion: Assault on Balaurea expansion might be expecting a harsh... posted Aug 26, 10 5:43pm

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Jesus Christ. 98% and it's been running since 3am yesterday. HURRY THE HELL UP AND DOWNLOAD! Aion PC
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It's 'aight. Aion PC

[image2 width=640 height=270] When Aion players are venturing into the Balaur home turf, they'll need a bit... posted Aug 12, 10 6:43pm

Do you remember this starter zone? Aion is having another one of those nifty double EXP weekends starting... posted Jul 29, 10 5:41pm

The population in Aion's servers are looking rather sparse right now so it's time for a server merge.  Every... posted Jun 24, 10 4:05pm

After a few months of teasing, the big Aion 1.9 update is finally ready to go tomorrow.  Players will be able to... posted Jun 02, 10 12:17am

Symantec, developer of the popular Norton security suite for PCs, has discovered a server holding a data cache of... posted May 28, 10 2:50am

Aion v1.9 is just around the corner so now it's time to have a look at the future.  A new "Assault on Balaurea"... posted May 24, 10 9:04pm

The Aion version 1.9 update is looming ahead but that's old hat by now for Korean players.  Their test servers... posted May 04, 10 7:32pm

The upcoming Aion 1.9 update features two new ways for players to further increase their strength out on the... posted Apr 21, 10 6:03pm

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