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In Age of Mythology, players wage war using human armies and diplomacy, progress through development ages, enhance military and economic performance with improvements, and manage economics through resource gathering and trade. Mythology enters the mix when players call upon the gods to act on their behalf or reinforce their armies with more than 20 mythological creatures. A new 3D engine adds a deep richness of graphical detail.


You take control of a civilisation during missions. Each of them has different features: some can access a particular technology the others can't. You control civilians that will build, hunt, fish, cut wood, bring gold/stone, etc.. You can also order to buildings to produce a specific unity. Also, you will have to build an army for defending and conquering your enemy. You can also make trade with your allies without forgetting that you can also explore the seas with boats. Your goal is to win but for doing it, you will have to advance in age. You have four ages and each one bring new buildings, new technologies (you'll have to develop them for improving your civilisation) and new units. A particularity in AoM is that you can pray gods for having favors and that you can choose the main God and minors gods when changing ages.

In the single-player campaign, you'll take the control of the three civilisations while advancing in the story.


  • God Powers - These rare and powerful gifts grant players the powers of the gods several times during each game.
  • Mythological Units - Each with their own special ability, these scarce units can be added to a player's armies to change the character of the fighting force.
  • Multiple Ways To Advance Ages - Players now get to choose different ways to advance though the ages, each providing a different set of bonuses.
  • Highly Differentiated Civilizations - Age of Mythology builds on the civilization differentiation featured in Age of Kings and features civilizations that play dramatically different from one another.

Hardware Requirements

System: PII 450 or equivalent
Video Memory: 16 MB VRAM
Hard Drive Space: 1500 MB
Mouse: Yes
DirectX: DirectX v8.0

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Just tested once, but i like the gameplay and the idea. Maybe one day i do some more testing AgeOfMythology PC
A really fun game. Though after a while, it can be tiresome to rebuild a village after the last one was gloriously large. AgeOfMythology PC
AOE with a mythical twist. Enjoyable to play for everyone. AgeOfMythology PC
Very good game. Good graphics AgeOfMythology PC
ive have instaled it and its great AgeOfMythology PC
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