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Prepare yourself to experience Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties - the next chapter in the acclaimed Age of Empires III series from Big Huge Games and Ensemble Studios. The Asian Dynasties brings the triumph and turmoil of some of history's greatest Asian civilizations to stunning life. Wielding the symbolic power of immense Wonders of the world, lead the armies of China, India or Japan in a struggle for dominance against the European powers, or against each other. Crush opponents with ranks of new military units, such as the Chinese Flame Thrower, the Indian Siege Elephant, or the fierce Japanese Shogun. Or play the role of master diplomat, and befriend your allies at the Consulate, biding your time and building a force of foreign weaponry that will topple your enemies. In Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, players use the might of the East to bring the world to its knees.


  • Playable Asian Civilizations: Control one of the three new civilizations: Japanese, Indians or Chinese with their own unique units.
  • New Single Player Campaigns: new heroes made their appearance with 3 new mini-campaigns.
  • New Ways to Play Age of Empires III: the Wonders are returning in the AoE world and a new way arrives: the Export ressource.
  • An Immersive World: 11 new maps featuring Asia, 3 new Home Cities and new native civilizations with new game modes like Regicide or King of the Hill.

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">Age of Empires III required <li type="square">Windows XP or higher <li type="square">256 MB RAM <li type="square">1.4 GHz processor <li type="square">2 GB free hard drive space (plus space for Age of Empires III) <li type="square">64 MB video card with support for hardware transformation and lighting <li type="square">56K dial-up Internet access or LAN for online/multiplayer

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