Age of Empires III Own / Want List

Username Comments
ShadowCrystallux None
harbin None
buddyC None
Shocker None
crazedlunaticr None
Big_Jack None
Freeze None
gdog2011 None
Armed Rebel Collectors Edition
WiLkO10 None
silverbot02 None
gamer Not as good as it
Mr Roboto None
Media Cult None
XbOxGuru meh its a lilegall copy LOL!
Thestrangeone None
Storm None
Iceguy2003 None
MegaFreak 2 None
jbh None
mijomuffins None
Exodus None
Vergil Ties None
Han tony None
Manectric Master None
silenceanddarkness None
Chimaira None
kumozero None
Honor have not played this good of a AOE game before
psp_freak None
Jdxthug None
Dragon179 None
Marshal Loss Good game.
Hellfire29 None
sonofalchemy123 None
Sleeping_Dragon None
o_ffxmaster_o None
millerj None
waderedsox None
Revan Shan None
Manaphy93 Good game
Spellcaster9301 None
Forsaker None
Life Achiever None
vicrabb None
RobotMosh None
Meetoo None
romber None