AdventureQuest Worlds, often called "AQW", is the fourth game made by Artix Entertainment, their first MMORPG. The game was released on October 10, 2008. Like its predecessors, it uses 2D animation, although in a much simpler style to account for the increased server load, and incorporates elements of all three previous games in its story. Unlike its predecessors, however, membership upgrades are not a one-time payment, but are instead purchased only for a certain number of months.

Play is similar to many MMORPGs, with players being able to chat and fight both in-game monsters and other players, in limited areas. Characters can be customized in appearance and gear, and many character classes are available to train in game. Combat is not turn-based as in Artix Entertainment's other RPGs, but is real-time and allows for group battles. Special events take place often, with many holidays being celebrated in-game. Other special events include wars, in which players collaborate to defeat enough "waves" of monsters to win the war over several days, and live events featuring special guests such as the musician Voltaire and the band One-Eyed Doll.

It also contains other special events like Halloween, 4th of July Christmas and even World Earth Day

The main storyline follows the Age of Chaos, in which good and evil (led by King Alteon of Swordhaven and Sepulchure of Shadowfall's daughter Gravelyn, respectively) form a truce to deal with the threat of Drakath and the 13 Lords of Chaos he unleashed. Each of the Chaos Lords wields a different Chaos-related power and releases a different Chaos Beast.

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To start: the graphics. I found the graphics to be pretty good, even if you choose to have it in...

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