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Ace of Angels is set to be a massively multiplayer online space exploration and combat sim set in the far future where humankind has mastered interstellar travel and has met new life on new worlds. Select a character from 10 races of beings. Choose from 14 classes of personal fighters with customizable weapons, battle systems and hyperspace drives. The space flight model uses actual NASA data, and the action isn't limited to one specific world.

Hardware Requirements

  • Pentium/AMD 300mhz.
  • 20MB HD Space.
  • 64 MB Ram.
  • 8 MB video card.
  • 33.6 modem.

Editor's Note:

The game is set to be released online in three stages: the first being Arena, (dogfighting in space) the second being Outerchange (similiar to Arena but with a continuous commerce/combat system) and the third release being the actual Campaign itself. (a virtual story)

Added on: December 06, 2000

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