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Based on the hit movie of the same name, you control Ace Ventura, Pet Detective. There are over 50 areas for you to travel in to solve puzzles. You'll need to use everything at your disposal to fend off your enemies and animal haters to eventually return all the animals to their rightful homes.


Based on the popular movie with Jim Carrey, you are a pet detective for this fun and hilarious PC game. As the pet detective you can travel to more than 60 exotic locations. For example, the Alaskan Tundra or a Bavarian Castle. You fight animal-hating villains. You use high-tech equipment, and nice cars to try to save all the pets in danger. There's a lot of clues in this game, can you find them all? Alrighty then!


  • Over 50 areas to play through
  • Use your detective skills to follow the trails of clues
  • Brilliantly rendered cartoonish graphics
  • Hilarious one player action

Hardware Requirements

Minimum CPU Type: 486DX2
Minimum CPU Speed: 66 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 8 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Color Depth: 256 Colors
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