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Wheel of Time is an action/strategy with elements of an RPG. Based on an adaptation of Robert Jordan's novel by the same name, the game allows you to take on personas based on actual Wheel of Time character types.


The world in which The Wheel of Time™ takes place is lifted directly out of Jordan's pages; it's huge and consists of many different environments. How you navigate the world will depend largely on which game - single player or multipayer - you're playing. The single player experience, with a few exceptions, will see Elayna traversing the world mainly by foot (with a couple notable exceptions). In the multiplayer experience, your character will have more access to travel via Ter'angreal, Portal Stones, and the Ways. However you move around, though, you'll quickly discover that means of locomotion can easily become the least of the your worries...

During your travels, you quickly discover that four locations are crucial to your success in the game. Not surprisingly, these locations are the homes of The Wheel of Time™'s main characters. Some of these places are ripped directly from the pages of Jordan's books, made flesh with Legend's unparalleled pixel-pushing ways. Other places are specific to the game, conceived and executed with the intent of expanding this game world even further. Either way, they provide a backdrop for some of the most intense first person action and strategy


  • A mesermerizing single player action/strategy game set in a medieval world of mystery and wonder. You begin your quest to collect four magical seals used to imprison the Dark One.
  • Over 40 mystical spells and artifacts of unimaginable power for defensive and offensive strategy that challenges your wits. Fireballs, lightning, disguise, healing, levitation, decay, earth tremor É all are at your disposal.
  • Totally immersive 3D environments and rich state-of-the-art graphics rendered in painstaking architectural detail.
  • Choose from one of three multiplayer types (Arena, Citadel and Team) that require sharp minds and cunning skills. Arena is traditional Deathmatch with a spell binding twist. In Citadel and Team your must customize your fortress to protect your seals, set booby traps, place three types of troops and defend your castle from marauders!

Hardware Requirements

Operating System: Windows 9X
Processor: Pentium 200 (Pentium II 233 recommended)
Memory: 32 MB (64 MB recommended)
Hard Disk Space: 500 MB
Video: PCI Local Bus Video Card (3D Accelerator recommended)
Sound: Windows 9X Compatible Sound Car

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