Ultima Ascension is the final chapter in the 20-year quest. You again are the Avatar, must save Lord British and his people from the evil Guardian who has devastated the landscape and tainted the 8 sacred virtues.

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="squared">Minimum CPU Speed: 266 MHz <li type="squared">Minimum RAM Required: 64 MB <li type="squared">Minimum Hard Disk Space: 600 MB <li type="squared">Graphics Type: SVGA <li type="squared">Graphics Resolution: 640x480 <li type="squared">Color Depth: High Color

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First of all let me correct a common mistake. This game does not need a monster PC to...

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After running the patches, the bugs are virtually eliminated. This game does require a...

There is a mini-patch out for Ultima: Ascension (to fix the numerous bugs) available from Origin. However, this... posted Dec 07, 99 3:59am

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Here's their post: [quote]Just About the Most Important News You'll Ever Read On This Site How's that for a... posted Oct 29, 99 6:51am

Here's a quote of the interview: [quote]GameFan What type of inventory and equipment system will U9 use? Seth... posted Oct 26, 99 4:55am

[quote]Again, I can't give an official release date here. But, I can fill you in on where we are now! The source... posted Oct 24, 99 7:17pm

[quote]Origin's marketing product manager, Mr. Matt Orlich, has started posting on the official boards under the... posted Oct 20, 99 4:29pm

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