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Total Annihilation Reviews

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Game Revolution A - Sep 02 '99
Game Revolution D Sep 02 '99
Game Revolution B + Sep 02 '99
GamesDomain  --- Aug 04 '99
GamesDomain  --- Aug 04 '99
PC Zone  --- Aug 31 '99
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"Although the two sides in TA have balanced units, the sheer variety of unit types and available development trees have eliminated my initial worries about repeated playing falling into a certain sameness. I’ve played several multiplayer games now, including a few against the same opponent, and I’ve yet to see anything like the same army twice. Players tend to adapt their building strategies to fit the map they’re playing on and to the actions of their opponents. And the full-range of available air and sea units goes a long ways toward ensuring variety. By now everyone knows that there are no sea units in DR, but even the air units in that game are all pretty much hovercraft, whereas TA has both airplanes that have to keep moving constantly while airborne and gunships with hover capabilities."
"There's two control features which really make Total Annihilation easier to play and more fun. The first is that factories can set default behaviours for units and you can tell them where to send units they build - no more clumps of units outside the factory (OK, the clumps are elsewhere, but it's very handy that way). Instead of move commands you can set default multi-point patrols, so you can set a circling pattern for aircraft as they come off the runway. Very nice."