Star Trek Starfleet Command III Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.3/10

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Star Trek Starfleet Command III Reviews

website score publish date
Actiontrip 91/100 Nov 18 '02
Game Revolution B Jan 29 '03
Gamespot 8.0/10 Nov 25 '02
Gamespot 8/10 Nov 25 '02
Gamespy 89/100 Dec 06 '02
IGN PC 8.2/10 Nov 22 '02
OC Prices  --- Jan 08 '03
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Star Trek Starfleet Command III Previews

website publish date
IGN PC Jul 12 '02
IGN PC Sep 30 '02
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Actiontrip on Nov 19 '02

"Reaffirming the glory of the Star Trek series and enhancing it with miscellaneous innovative gameplay elements, Star Trek: Star Fleet Command III is a deep-involving and highly addictive..."

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Game Revolution on Jan 30 '03

"If Taldren could take care of the unwieldy camera and add a little more Star Trek weirdness, Starfleet Command might truly take Trek games where they’ve never gone before: into 'A' range."

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Gamespot on Jan 07 '15

"Taldren has overhauled the Starfleet Command series to appeal to a wider audience, and the changes are immediately noticeable."

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IGN PC on Jul 15 '02

"Everything is looking good with Starfleet Command III that we can see. Fans of the series should not be disappointed with this latest. With all of the new single player story based campaigns and..."

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IGN PC on Oct 02 '02

"Provided the kinks and quirks get worked out and the balancing gets the serious look it's no doubt receiving, SFC III could very well be the next big Star Trek game. Sure, it's the only one of..."

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