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John Mullins (based on the real-life ex-mercenary who acted as a consultant during development of the first game) returns to service in Soldier of Fortune II, sequel to the original FPS. While the game now utilizes the Quake III Arena engine, it also implements its own terrain engine, ROAM, for massive in-game environments. The infamous GHOUL hit-zone damage technology has returned in improved form, allowing you to target even more parts of your foes' bodies.


  • 10 Single Player Missions Spanning 70 Levels.

  • Random Scenario Generator.

  • DM, Team DM, CTF, Infiltration and Elimination Multiplayer modes,

    featuring the RMG Random Map Generation technology.

  • Quake III: Team Arena Engine Enhanced With:
    GHOUL 2 Rendering System
    TORR Terrain System
    LICH AI System
    ICARUS2 Scripting System
    Dynamic Sound and Music System

  • 14 Real-World Weapons and 10 Grenades:
    Multiple Fire Modes Per Weapon
    Location/Region Specific Weaponry
    Weapons Carry Authentic Military Designations

  • Real-World Locations/Environments Including:
    Colombia, Kamchatka, Hong Kong and Prague

  • Extremely Detailed Characters and Weapons:
    Motion-Captured Character Animations
    3000 Polygon Enemy Models
    1500 Polygon Weapon Models
    Photo-Realistic Textures and Skins
    Professional Voice Acting

  • Environmental Effects: Snow, Rain, Fog.

  • Parental Lockout and Violence Level Controls.

  • Real-World, Cinematic Quality Action Story.

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Mar 27, 13 2:57am
My name is matt and i am pro with sof2. ive been playing for 8 yars and my total deaths is only 10. i have hacks but i only use it with my c SoldierOfFortune2DoubleHelix PC
Jul 23, 10 3:55am
Crap. SoldierOfFortune2DoubleHelix PC
Celes Leonhart
Jun 12, 09 7:43am
Another beast of an online. SoldierOfFortune2DoubleHelix PC
Jun 28, 08 7:32pm
boring SoldierOfFortune2DoubleHelix PC
Apr 26, 06 1:54am
Although I suck at this FPS, it's one of my favorites. SoldierOfFortune2DoubleHelix PC
Apr 01, 05 12:35pm

Well after purchasing the game , I was suprised by how well the AI is , whether they...

Dec 13, 04 1:31pm

This is a good game, I would buy it for the excellent online mode alone. The single...

Jun 04, 04 3:02am

This is soldier of fortune. Agame where you have to kill everything. You also have to...

Mar 11, 03 9:13am

Overall Solider of Fortune 2 is a very good first person shooter, the online play is...

Jul 09, 02 6:28am
Jul 03, 02 1:26am
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Jun 20, 02 12:23pm
Jun 17, 02 1:01am

Sorry guyz, but this title really sucks. After i' ve played Medal of honor allied...

May 26, 02 9:57pm

John F Mullins is back with a vengeance. Nothing I say can really prepare you for this...

May 26, 02 2:14am
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Activision and Raven Software's Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix has gone gold and is on its way to... posted May 13, 02 7:13pm

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