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As a first person shooter, Soldier of Fortune allows the player to experience the ways of the mercenary via display which uses the Quake II Engine.


  • Story driven plotline with ultra-realistic weapons
  • 26 levels of "Action Movie" cinematic feel gameplay
  • 10 covert missions
  • Breathtakingly rendered locations on 5 different continents
  • Pinpoint weapons accuracy
  • Enemies react differently according to 26 different locations on each model's body
  • Heavily modified Quake II engine technology
  • Professional voice acting

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Someone got this at the Goodwill and decided to give it to me SoldierOfFortune PC

This is one of my all time favourite games, the story line is the best ive seen in a...


Soldier of Fortune delivers exactly what it set out to deliver, however it has been...


this is one of the funnest game i have played. the multiplayer mode is great. but most...


this game was is the best game ever

WARNING: GRATUITOUS OPINION For some retarded reason, governments always manage to achieve the exact opposite of... posted Jul 13, 00 1:35am

Here's the update: [quote]10/27/99 We're just about to go gold on one of the OEM versions of SoF (for Razer... posted Oct 27, 99 11:14pm

[quote]That wacky Kenn Hoekstra is at it again on the Soldier of Fortune forum tonight. Here's another Sin-ful... posted Oct 26, 99 5:08pm

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