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As a first person shooter, Soldier of Fortune allows the player to experience the ways of the mercenary via display which uses the Quake II Engine.


  • Story driven plotline with ultra-realistic weapons
  • 26 levels of "Action Movie" cinematic feel gameplay
  • 10 covert missions
  • Breathtakingly rendered locations on 5 different continents
  • Pinpoint weapons accuracy
  • Enemies react differently according to 26 different locations on each model's body
  • Heavily modified Quake II engine technology
  • Professional voice acting

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May 27, 04 12:44am

This is one of my all time favourite games, the story line is the best ive seen in a...

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Soldier of Fortune delivers exactly what it set out to deliver, however it has been...

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this is one of the funnest game i have played. the multiplayer mode is great. but most...

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this game was is the best game ever

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Here's the update: [quote]10/27/99 We're just about to go gold on one of the OEM versions of SoF (for Razer... posted Oct 27, 99 11:14pm

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