The Sims: Vacation Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.9/10

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The Sims: Vacation Reviews

website score publish date
GameGuru Mania 80% Apr 23 '02
GameZone 9.5/10 Apr 04 '02
Gaming-Age B- Apr 11 '02
The Armchair Empire 8.7/10 May 28 '02 Games 4.5/5 Apr 05 '02
ESCMag 6/10 Sep 09 '02
Game Revolution C Apr 19 '02
Gamespot 8/10 Apr 05 '02
Gamespy 80/100 May 07 '02
Gamitopia 79% May 08 '02
IGN PC 8.0/10 Apr 08 '02
MonkeyReview 4/5 Apr 24 '02
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ESCMag on Sep 09 '02

"...if you have written off the series a while back, you might want to give Vacation a try. It could be very interesting to see where the game has progressed since the days of the original and..."

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Game Revolution on Apr 22 '02

"The Sims Vacation is not a great expansion. There has been no overall improvement in the game, it's graphics, control, or it's gameplay in general. Hot Date was far more innovative with its..."

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Gamespot on Apr 05 '02

"Vacation breathes enough life back into The Sims to make it interesting again, though it's really at its best when used with other expansion packs."

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IGN PC on Apr 09 '02

"...Vacation is still a must for any serious Sims fan, and you'll end up having fun with it. I know I did. Still, I can only hope that future expansion packs and sequels get away from the..."

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