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A murder has been committed... your own! Travel back in time to solve thought provoking puzzles as you unravel the mystery of your death. See how your actions in the past change the course of events in the future. You have the power to prevent your death, identify your killer, and change your destiny. Use it wisely.


Eike loses his life at the hands of an unknown assailant. Eike recovers consciousness in a strange Darkness. Here, guided by the mysterious Homunculus, he obtains a time travel device – the DIGIPAD – that allows him to change the course of his tragic destiny. Activating the device, Eike finds himself in a familiar coffee shop 30 minutes prior to his untimely demise. With only half an hour
remaining before the ill-fated moment, Eike has to find a way to prevent his death. Travelling between past and present, using trial and error, Eike must change his fate. Will Eike be able to alter the course of time and change his destiny?

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
450MHz Processor
16MB Video Card
700MB HDD Space

Recommended Requirements:

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Check out the SoD forum for the film adaptation I am planning ShadowOfDestiny PC
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One of the first things I said when I started playing this game was "Oh god, do the...


This game is great. The story is so gripping and interesting. It's easy to play and...

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