F1 Racing Championship Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.1/10

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F1 Racing Championship Reviews

website score publish date
Daily Radar UK  --- Mar 04 '01
Fragland 75% Feb 20 '01
Gamespot UK 6.4/10 Mar 30 '01
High Gear  --- Apr 05 '01
Racing Faction  --- Apr 09 '01
Racing Games Online 74% Apr 09 '01
SimHQ  --- Jun 13 '01
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F1 Racing Championship Previews

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GameSpot Feb 15 '01
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Daily Radar UK on Mar 05 '01

"Cynics may bemoan the fact that this is 'yet another' Formula One game, yet F1RC is a good performer in what is a very competitive market place."

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Fragland on Feb 21 '01

"Overall, the game is very good and Ubi Soft has done one hell of a job to keep up with the competition. If only the beginner level would have been a little easier, F1 Championship would have ruled..."

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GameSpot on Feb 16 '01

"From the driving seat, handling and performance feels entirely plausible... No concerns about the graphics though... Multiple setup screens cover every conceivable aspect of car fettling... FIA..."

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SimHQ on Jun 15 '01

"Even though F1RC has the potential to be a serious contender and it certainly is a fast, fun, and, above all, pretty racer, the AI glitches and cockpit graphics stalls UBIs' efforts to go head to..."

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