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The villian, played by the actor Brad Dourif, had his homeland destroyed by Atrus' sons and seeks revenge. As you solve puzzles and gain information about the villians' past, you will have to decide who is right, and who is wrong.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95, 98
333 MHz Pentium MMX
200 MB available hard disc space
4x CD-ROM drive
640x480 display, high color (16 bit)

Official URL

Official Site
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Developer and publisher Cyan Worlds has licensed the rights to produce a feature film based on the coveted Myst... posted Oct 04, 10 5:32pm

Can't praise the Myst series enough, yeah they're plodding and mind bendingly difficult but well worth it. Myst3Exile PC

I loved this game. All the worlds were very enjoyable to walk through and just take...


This review has been outdated by the user, and (s)he has since found better ways to...


You have a lot to remember when Atrus, Catherine, Saavedro and the D'ni are involved,...


Great game for people who like playing at their own pace, free time, and importantly...


It is an interesting game for people who like puzzles and no action. Unfortunately,...


well this is one of the most beautiful games that i have ever played. the creatures...


very visually stimulating. i am pretty new to computer games. i did not like the wierd...


This game is very graphical. It didn't play very well on my old machine with a...

The official Myst III: Exile website has been updated yesterday with news that the game has gone gold. They've... posted Apr 11, 01 9:48pm


This is one of the best games I have seen in a while. It has super graphics quality -...

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