Monopoly Tycoon Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.4/10

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Monopoly Tycoon Reviews

website score publish date
Gamespot 8.5/10 Sep 25 '01
IGN PC 8.2/10 Oct 01 '01 Games 4.5/5 Oct 31 '01
ESCMag 6/10 Nov 16 '01
Gamepen 4/5 Oct 08 '01
Gamers Uplink 9.8/10 Oct 16 '01
games xtreme 90% Dec 12 '01
Gamespot 8.5/10 Sep 25 '01
Gamespy 88/100 Oct 22 '01
IGN PC 8.2/10 Oct 01 '01
Media & Games Online 8.5/10 Aug 07 '01
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Monopoly Tycoon Previews

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ESCMag on Nov 16 '01

"...only Monopoly fans will keep this one around more than a few weeks. Everyone else will get nostalgic for replicating splines and head back to Maxisf masterpiece."

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Gamespot on Sep 26 '01

"Monopoly Tycoon uses the popular board game as the base on which to build a strong and innovative, and great-looking, real-time game of business management and city building."

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IGN PC on Oct 03 '01

"Combining an awesome real-time capitalism game with the elements of the board game, Monopoly Tycoon is more than worth the time you spend with it"

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IGN PC on Oct 02 '09

"Monopoly Tycoon Aggressive, addictive and artful, this is Monopoly as it was meant to be. Hasbro had made excellent PC versions of nearly all of their arcade and tabletop properties. Monopoly..."

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