MDK2 continues the gameplay and style of the original. You must rid the world of alien creatures using one of three characters:
as Kurt Hectic, Dr. Fluke Hawkins, or as the strong Max (Kyle's side kick from the original game).


  • Play as one of 3 quirky characters, each offering a different game-play experience.

  • Larger rooms, outdoor environments, trickier enemies, and more overwhelming odds.

  • 8 3-D action levels tell the story of the Streamriders' return to take over the earth.

  • Loads of new gadgets and weapon additions.

  • Improved stealth abilities with Kurt's new Cloaking Device and Chameleon Power features.

Hardware Requirements

200 MHz Pentium.
32 MB RAM.
300 MB hard disk space (for full installation).
4x CD-ROM drive.
Hardware video acceleration.

Official URL

Official Site
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BioWare's semi-obscure and absurd adventure game MDK 2 (Murder Death Kill) is getting a revival later this year... posted Jun 26, 10 12:07am

Storm played MDK 2
Once had the first game (PC), but still the demo for this game (DC). Great fun... MDK2 PC

This is an extremely well-made game in my opinion. It has good humor, good graphics,...


The whole neighborhood has to hold their mouth's just right for the characters to jump...


The original MDK was quite a good game, gaining excellent reviews from all of the...


it sux
you should make it better stuff
graphics sux
especially on a t'nunderbird wit a...


Good graphics cool little sounds from all over the place. What makes the game is its...


It's a great game. I suggest you go for it.


Very Good, every character is fun.


It has such great graphics, with my 600 mhz athlon with a 32 meg Geforce2 card I get a...

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