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Average Review Score: 9.0/10

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The Longest Journey Reviews

website score publish date
Computer Games Online 4.5/5 Jun 19 '00
Cosmo3D 8/10 May 02 '00
EuroGamer 9/10 Jun 22 '00
Game Power Australia 3/4 Jul 03 '00 94% May 24 '00
GameSpot 9.3/10 Jun 27 '00
Gamespy 92/100 Aug 02 '00
IGN PC 9.3/10 Nov 20 '00
Stratos Group 9.2/10 Sep 08 '00
The Game Den 90% Sep 27 '00
Women Gamers 10/10 May 25 '00
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The Longest Journey Previews

website publish date
IGN PC Sep 01 '99
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EuroGamer on Jun 22 '00

"At the end of the day though, The Longest Journey is an engrossing and highly entertaining adventure game with characters that you can care about, an involving storyline to keep you hooked, and..."

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Game Power Australia on Jul 03 '00

"TLJ is a magnificent example of how much good story and character can make the usual adventure gaming conventions lively again. For women gamers especially, this game defies most of the boyish..."

Read full review on May 25 '00

"For a game to truly involve me and addict me with its story and ingenuity it must exhibit the rare quality of incredible story telling. The Longest Journey begins as a small, little-known game and..."

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GameSpot on Jun 27 '00

"The puzzles in The Longest Journey are fairly standard, though they get better as the game goes on. In the beginning, you'll have to use some of your inventory items in illogical ways. But later in..."

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Gamespy on Aug 02 '00

"The Longest Journey has a way of playing with your emotions. "

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