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In the Longest Journey, you play an 18 year old art student named April who can travel between two realities/worlds. These are Stark and Arcadia. Your journey is to bring a balance to the worlds between order and chaos, and between science and magic...

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU Speed in MHz: 166MHz
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Hard Drive Space: 300MB
  • Sound Card: Windows Compatible
  • CD Drive Speed: 4X
  • Video Card: 16-bit
  • Video RAM in MB: 2MB
  • Graphics Type: SVGA Graphics
  • Resolution(s): 640X480

Official URL

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I love me some point and click action, so when a game like The Longest Journey drunkenly stumbles itself into my...

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Everything in this game was brought together so perfectly I believe it must have been...


The Longest Journey is a great PC game which features a cool story line and wonderful...


This game is the perfect fairy-tale. However, it's one you can't share with your...


After all the cryptic nonsense they feed you throughout the game, the ending was more...


Even worse than the slow, meaningless dialog, and snotty main character, is the...


I have played many many adventure games over the past two or three years, and this one...


While the game and the story itself is wonderfully built and detailed, the puzzles are...


This is a great game! It comes with a truly woderful story with unbelievable graphics...


Like I said in the Bad, the whole "read my mind" thing is way uncool.


Wow. This game took me a little while to get into. The game has a lot of dialogue,...

posted Oct 19, 99 8:56am

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