Delta Force: Land Warrior Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.2/10

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Delta Force: Land Warrior Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Neoseeker 85% Dec 18 '00
Actiontrip 59% Nov 28 '00  --- Nov 27 '00
Computer Games Online 3/5 Nov 16 '00
Game Over 84% Nov 21 '00
Game Power Australia 3/4 Nov 27 '00
Game Revolution C+ Nov 30 '00
GameCenter 6/10 Nov 21 '00
Gamers Depot 3.5/6 Nov 22 '00
Gamespy 83% Dec 28 '00
IGN PC 7.3/10 Nov 21 '00
Media & Games Online 74% Nov 23 '00
Stomped 82% Nov 28 '00
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Delta Force: Land Warrior Previews

website publish date article rating
CheckOut Sep 21 '00
Computer Games Online Sep 21 '00
Computer Games Online Jul 24 '00
GameSpot Aug 29 '00
IGN PC Oct 17 '00
Speedy3d Jul 17 '00
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Actiontrip on

"Land Warrior has a much higher frame rate with far better graphics... The new engine was said to be much better at handling indoor situations...but that's still faaaaar from perfect... I haven't..."

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CheckOut on

" the role of one of five military experts, each with his or her own specialty... embark on a series of 20 missions all over the world... NovaLogic has abandoned the Voxel engine in favor of..."

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"...a robust multiplayer mode... problem with the weapons is that there is very little differentiation between any of them... The graphics and sound contribute to an authentic feel..."

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Computer Games Online on

"Mission types will include hostage rescues, sabotage, and direct assault on terrorist compounds. "

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Computer Games Online on

"...the first game in the Delta Force series to fully support 3D acceleration... It isn't Quake III, but it's also not stuck indoors all day... exciting terrain detail... new weapons... NovaLogic..."

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