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Kat Burglar Reviews

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Kat Burglar Previews

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3D Action Planet Jul 07 '00
Big Kid Jun 28 '00
GA-Source Jun 28 '00
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3D Action Planet on

"The events of the game will unfold much like an adventure game rather than standard action fare... "

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Big Kid on

"Of Krome's two main titles in development, the third person 3D title Kat Burglar is the more interesting from a gamers point of view. The game is only in pre-alpha stage and the team are still..."

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GA-Source on

"'The plot centers around Kat in 1966 on the islet of Mont Saint Michel,' explains programmer, John Passfield. 'She's stealing back a lot of artefacts to return to their rightful owners. Her credo..."

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